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Mar 15, 2018

At Pro-Action Herts a popular service used by our members is The Disclosure & Barring Service (often referred to as DBS’s). In the past 11 months we have completed 230 DBS’s for our members.

Pro Action has trained a number of Members in completing DBS’s, which they are able to complete within their own projects. Other members have signed up through Pro-Action to an online DBS system to also complete DBS’s. Both these systems have been very convenient for both the projects & applicants. We also continue to complete DBS’s at our office or at the projects venues (dependable on the amount of completions).

The UPDATE System…  There is still some confusion about this system.

This system allows a person to keep their DBS up to date through an online subscription. How is this done? 

Firstly, this can only be done when a new DBS application has been applied for.  

The Updating can be completed on ‘DBS.Gov.UK/update’. There are 2 options: Option 1 - this is only able once the DBS application is in the DBS system. Option 2 -  Within 30 days from the date on applicants DBS Certificate.

Option 1,  Go to: DBS tracking service to check if your application is in the system. You will require The DBS Application form Number & your date of birth, to track your DBS Status.  If yes then go to DBS.Gov.UK/Update & register your DBS

Option 2. On receiving the DBS Disclosure Form, go to DBS.Gov.UK/Update & register your DBS. You will require your DBS Disclosure Form number and other personal information.

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