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Get ahead of the GDPR ready!

Mar 20, 2018

Don’t stop reading!

GDPR affects all of our members – and everyone running youth & children’s provision across the country!

We don’t like talking about Data Protection, but we hate getting unsolicited post and emails, let alone those damn phone calls! So we know who to blame for the changes that are coming, but the changes will benefit us!

So what’s that got to do with me?’ I hear ringing out through the county…


We have had 30 of our members attending the GDPR training we have run this month, working to think through what it means for their organisations. What about the rest of our members?  There’s still over 100 of you that haven’t attended our training, does this mean someone else is giving you the necessary advice?  If not you need to act, NOW!

I don’t think I have been so concerned about a training need for a while, but if you don’t get this sorted there are implications.

I don’t want to scare monger; I DO want everyone to take this seriously though.

Basically, if you, in any way keep personal data about children, young people, their parents/carers, which must be all of us, then the regulations do affect you.

You need to think through what data you carry, in what media it is held, who has access, how you use that data, how long you keep it and so on.  Then you need to let your members know what you hold and on what basis.

I have to say, in conversations with lots of people, many of us don’t do a bad job at the moment, but in all sorts of small ways, we haven’t got it as sharp as we could or should have. GDPR calls us to step up more, so now is the time to review.


I do not want any of our members to turn round and say “no one told me!”, take it from me now, I am telling you, check it out!


We have run 2 sessions of GDPR training, thanks to Neil, who has been supporting us on this process.  We are hoping to do some more and get resources out, but I have to say, a bunch of papers arriving in your mailbox in itself won’t help much, going through the stuff with others is much more useful and getting questions answered. Surely 2 hours is easy to spend making sure your organization is GDPR compliant and ensuring the good practice is there for the future?


In the end each of us will be held responsible for handling the data of others; if we get it wrong then the consequences are significant. So come on, Pro-Action are here to help, get in touch, book on training and make use of the resources that are being offered.