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Where would we be without volunteers?

Mar 25, 2018

'It may seem that here at Pro-Action we talk a lot about volunteers, but lets be honest within the children & youth sector, where would we be without volunteers? That’s why we want to highlight and celebrate those that go beyond the call of duty in our Awards for 2018. This has become a regular event for us, and it is all about acknowledging the great work that is enabled with and for young people and children across the county.


That also means that we don’t want to miss out those who may be paid to work, rather than volunteer, but who again have a significant impact on the lives of children and young people. Yes, we are looking for those who go the extra mile or two. In either case it’s not just turning up each week, though that in itself is a massive commitment, but its about what they do when they are there.


We have had some amazing people nominated in the past and it has been great when a Member has managed to nominate someone and get them there without them knowing they have been nominated. Of course they have to let us know, otherwise we can’t join in the secret, but let’s look at who is working alongside us, and nominate the best of the best to make a great evening on 28th June this year at Beales Hotel, Hatfield (thanks to the generosity of Andrew Beales).


One of our categories (and do check out the list), is recognizing young volunteers and we believe that developing young leaders is a fundamental element of good youth work. So, look at what young people are doing and make sure you nominate those who, again, are going the extra mile and contributing to the group and organisation.


Valuing volunteers and staff is an all round activity, but at the same time there is always a place for gathering together and celebrating everyone who is part of our sector, and no better way than highlighting great role models, that the rest of us can seek to emulate, and between us raise the quality of opportunities available to children and young people.


To nominate your stars now click here…'

Words from our CEO Dave Green