Our Patron Lord Charles Cecil

Lord Charles

We are very honoured to have Lord Charles as our patron, a role which he takes very seriously as he believes strongly in the importance of young people in society. Lord Charles has ben involved with youth organisations for many years, as president of the Hertfordshire Association of Youth Clubs, which, after a merger with the Hertfordshire Association of Boys Clubs, became the Hertfordshire Association of Young People (HAYP), one of the largest youth organisations in the county. When Pro Action succeeded HAYP he was very happy to become our patron. He says, “Youth Clubs are still important to help young people develop social. The vast majority don’t have a problem and aren’t looking for trouble, they just want to do things. Youth Clubs can act as a safety net but what they need to provide now is very different from 10 years ago.

Lord Charles was brought up in Hertfordshire and Dorset. He read history at Oxford University and has studied and worked in Spain, France, Brazil and Argentina. He comes from a large family so it has always been a busy life with lots of friends and relations by the score. He has always been in the financial world banking, investment, investment management and private equity, and has co-founded two successful companies in the financial world.

When asked what he likes about Hertfordshire, Lord Charles replied:

"I like the variety of Hertfordshire everything from the outskirts of London to the deepest and most beautiful countryside. There is a lot of history and some wonderful buildings. Also there is a wide range of people. In fact all human life is in Hertfordshire. As I like meeting all sorts of people, that suits me very well."