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It's Good to Be Young...?

Sep 12, 2018


Now so more than ever, there is much emphasis placed on the issues that face children and young people. We at Pro-Action think it’s important to remember that being young is so much more than school stress, future worries and social media.

A recent report conducted by the Children’s Society entitled ‘The Good Children’s Report 2018’ highlights a continuing trend from its report in 2017 of decreasing levels of happiness among young people.  

 Key findings of the report show:

 • Pressure to fit in with society’s expectation is making children unhappy. 

• Alarming numbers of children are self-harming. 

• Non-stop comments about appearance are harmful to girls’ well-being 

• Outdated gender stereotypes are damaging to boys’ and girls’ happiness. 

• Family relationships are particularly important for girls. 

The report expresses that to improve wellbeing in our youths we need to encourage ‘healthy interactions at school and with friends outside school.’ 

How is it, considering these finds, we can teach our children and young people to enjoy their lives when the world seems to be moving at such a fast pace. 

There are the daily things that that we do so often we tend to forget how they have a positive impact on our wellbeing. Simple things like reading or taking the walk out for a dog, or sitting down with your favourite food to watch your favourite programme with your family or friends.  

Giving young people opportunities to explore interests and creative outlets will help them to develop confidence and a sense of identity, so even daily activities become more of a mindful experience because they learn to value them. 

Ideally, we would all like our children to feel a sense of belonging at home, school and their communities. We can teach children how to invest in their futures by making the most of now, and so reduce the pressure of growing up too soon. Over the last 10 years, we at Pro-Action have been lucky to witness the diversity of our members providing a much-needed support network for children and young people.

To celebrate our engagement with our members and our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY we would like to invite you to our upcoming YAMA event on 6 October 2018, 1:30pm-4:00pm at Herts Sports Village, AL10 9EU. 

YAMA 2018 promises to be an afternoon of fun, laughter and positive memories that children and young people can look back on as carefree. Where else can your group have the opportunity to climb a 10ft inflatable, run, jump, shoot and complete a gladiator joust whilst dancing to their favourite tunes. Let's remind them how good it is to be young!

We hope to see you there.