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Opportunities for Young People

Aug 28, 2018

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There are currently lots of different opportunities out there for young people and many people trying to make a difference. However, many young people are not even aware of half of the opportunities available to them.

Focusing on schools and colleges to become more open to recommending programmes to students and parents and how it will benefit them long term is a key area to source. This involves teaching life skills as part of their curriculum and sourcing separate companies and projects to deliver which young people must attend, preferably during holidays or after their current school time which will help boost their confidence towards entering the real world as adults. This also means educating parents on how to communicate positive engagement and constructive criticism with their children from a young age to help mould them into good strong young adults. 

So, what makes a young person attend an activity?

We are all unique. As individuals we will usually develop more of an interest in one of the following areas, all are very important in the wellbeing and emotional and physical development of a person.

  • Academic
  • Sports
  • Creative

It has become apparent that we are too quick to believe and listen to what other people think than to try and find out for ourselves.

Why are we like this? As we lead busy lives we want to ensure that whatever we do is going to be safe, fun, beneficial and worth the time, experience and/ or money. This makes us very cautious especially when money is involved, or if we feel our time was wasted so we rely on others to prevent us from making bad decisions. However, not forgetting, a bad experience can help us to learn from our mistakes and develop as a person.

Technology is becoming the source for everything we do.  We need to make sure youth organisations are promoting themselves over the internet to engage with young people and using positive role models to help set the trend.

The four main areas for social media seem to be: Facebook, You-tube, Instagram and Snapchat. More so, comments that are written towards these activities are shown to be more influential and determine if they will give a programme a go.



These two main areas that are shown to be most influential to how a person thinks- we can then focus a lot of work on creating a positive change in our:

  • Music
  • Media

COMMUNICATION through music and in the media as a tool to help uplift society and teach our young people about everyday issues and looking at things from a different perspective. This can be informed by providing a constant stream of positive messages and examples of good behaviour. This also means offering constructive criticism which may help them to overcome personal issues or bad habits they currently have.

Education and any contact they have through sports, creative and academic hobbies will further encourage young people to develop ambitions and a drive to achieve their goals.

The media whether that be television programmes, adverts, magazines, news and some mainstream music can be controlling of people’s actions and opinions. These channels send subliminal messages which can determine how a person should think and behave and so making them feel insecure of themselves and situation.

The consequences of such messages being portrayed in the media are having a direct effect on the mental wellbeing of our young people. There is now an increasing number of young people suffering with anxiety and depression. There is more pressure for them to look and feel a certain way, even to what materialistic items they own to prove they have achieved or feel part of something.


This pressure to be accepted in society alongside struggling families and the negative news of what is going on in the world is making people feel helpless.

The increase in teenage deaths in and around London means parents want to stop their child from socialising with others in case they become part of a gang or are manipulated by another individual. In order to tackle the root causes for irrational behaviour and thoughts, informing families of how a person will benefit through attending a project is important.

Every young person should feel they have accomplished something when taking part in an activity and aftercare is probably even more important as it will determine whether they will return. Making young people feel their opinions are valid and appreciated will make them feel good about themselves and keen to get involved further.


Working together makes all the difference. I commend all the amazing youth led organisations that are showing positive changes and a rise in influencing good behaviour among our youth, however, there is still more we can do.  To demonstrate how amazing we are, we must promote, promote, promote and do not be afraid to ask others for support and guidance!