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Renew Your Membership

Aug 03, 2021

Renew 1

The time is approaching to renew your membership with us for year 2021-2022.

Over the next twelve months we will continue to offer:

1. Access to our online DBS portal - quicker, reliable and time efficient
2. DBS Update Service Support - current and portable, cost effective and speedy for
3. Discounted adult training - affordable, specific, and accessible
4. E-learning, blended learning, and face to face training – convenient, flexible and at
your own pace
5. One to one online & Face to Face member meetings
6. Delivering provision at its best- accreditation framework, building resilience and
7. Face to face and online ‘member drop ins’- tea, cake and a listening ear.
8. No fixed opening and closing hours - flexible, friendly, and available.
9. Step by Step Policy support - guidance, compliance, and legislation
10. Covid-19 Contingency planning - Risk assessments, policy, and practice
11. Information, advice, and guidance - training renewals, legislation updates and
12. Development opportunities – member spotlight, recruitment adverts and sharing
best practice
13. Signposting - specialist sector support, funding partners and professional’s links

All this for an amazing £80.00, remaining in line with last year’s annual fee and offering you exceptional value for money.

We will also be offering a Raffle Prize of 1 year's free membership to all groups
renewing by 30th September 2021. You will automatically be entered upon receipt of the
membership documents outlined above and your payment.

We appreciate that for some, the current financial picture may be bleak, so if you are not in a position to renew your Pro-Action Membership Alliance this year, please get in touch as we are exploring funding opportunities to support groups who may need a little extra help. We will not let financial hardship be a barrier to joining us.

To renew your membership please complete:

Pro-Action Alliance Membership Application Form 

Pro-Action Alliance Membership Compliance Form