Safer Staffing - Recruitment of staff & volunteers

Safer Staffing and recruitment needs to be carried out for both paid staff and volunteers who are working with children and young people.

Safer staffing is more than having a Disclosure and Barring check completed. The DBS is valuable to the process, but only shows whether the person has any convictions, cautions or warnings with regards to illegal activity.

The safer staffing is a larger process which supports the applicant & the employer.

The process begins from the time the vacant position has been advertised. The process of applying and completing an application gives a perception to the applicant’s work/volunteering background, knowledge, skills and work history.

Interviews are a very important part of the process, using both professional & personal interviews. This gives an opportunities to gather more knowledge & information about the candidate and their knowledge, skills, experience and incentives for working with children and young people. It also allows the applicant to fully understand the role in which they are applying for.

Once the applicant has been offered and accepted the post, two referees that the applicant has given the details of, should be contacted for references. Where possible at least one of the references should be a previous employer.

 At this stage it would also be beneficial to have the applicant complete a DBS form (unless their DBS has been registered on the update system and is relevant to the role).

Once the applicant has been taken into employment, an induction should be conducted with the new employee/volunteer. The induction period length of time is given to the employee/volunteer and this supports in identifying any training requirements through regular one to one meetings.

Once the employee/volunteer has completed the induction period and has the position confirmed and accepted, the employee/volunteer should have regular one to one meetings with their supervisor/manager.

 This supports the employee/volunteer to have ongoing support and for the supervisor/manager to maintain their support for their employee/volunteers.

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