Volunteer Stories

Pro-Action has provided volunteering opportunities for many people over the past 10 years.  

 These have included opportunities to work with young people at our Member organisations, as well as office based opportunities at Pro-Action HQ.  Read some of our Volunteer stories below and get inspired to join us in our social action movement.

Arif Islam volunteered with Pro-Action over the spring summer of 2018.  He shares his experiences here and how volunteering has helped him since.

Why did you volunteer at Pro-Action?

I volunteered to learn new skills that I lacked. I did not have any experience of working in an office-based environment. As a matter of fact, it would have been really difficult for me to get into a career path without actual work experience. I decided to volunteer to gain first-hand experience in administrative skills, time management and team building.  

What kind of things did you do?

At Pro-Action, I have supported the charity with all sorts of admin work. I supported the charity with new membership enrolment processes. I took part in research work for various projects and events. I helped maintain the customer database by operating CiviCRM. I negotiated membership issues and contracts with other colleagues to find the solutions. I actively participated in meetings and events.  

How did it make you feel?

I have always believed that physically helping in various projects it’s a brilliant way to get on-the-job experience. it's also given me great satisfaction by getting involved with an organisation like Pro-Action, which does a lot for the local community and young people.  Getting involved in a good cause helps me improve my physical and mental health. I have noticed that my stress levels were reduced and mood improved in general while I was volunteering.   


How did it help you?

The volunteering experience helped me to secure a job in my desired career field. I was able to use the skills and experiences that I have gained in the new job. It also helped me massively in the recruitment process because I was able to share my experience with the recruiters at the interviews.  

What did you like about it?

The whole experience was simply great and I cannot express it enough in words. The most fascinating thing about volunteering at Pro-Action was the people that I have worked with. From day one until my last day, they have supported me all the way. I am ever so grateful for all the guidance and advice.