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Death of a Service

Apr 10, 2019

Death Of A Service Rose

Carole Pugh writes a heartfelt article in memory of 'Project 129', using the analogy of a death both to discuss the intense emotional aspects of youth project cuts and closures, and to investigate the causes of its demise.

Recent years have seen the decimation of local authority youth services, with much provision being closed or restructured (Jones, 2016; Unison, 2016). What remains often bears little resemblance to the values and styles of work that were previously in play (Hall, 2013; Norris and Pugh, 2015; Taylor, Connaughton, de St Croix, Davies and Grace, 2018). Research with young people involved in campaigns to save local youth service provision inspired this article (Bright, Pugh and Clark, 2018). This drew on narrative accounts of young people who had been involved in national campaigns to save local youth services in England and explored the impact that youth work, and campaigns to save services, had on young people’s political engagement. However, the personal way that young people experienced threats to ‘their’ services left a lasting impression, with many likening it to an experience of loss or bereavement...

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