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FREE Microsoft Experience Days for Pro-Action Members!

Feb 07, 2019

Uk Youth

UK Youth have been working with Microsoft for 7 years, and they are now very kindly offering youth clubs in their network the opportunity to take up a ‘ Microsoft Experience Day’.  These will be running in the school holidays ( Monday – Friday) until July.They will try to accommodate as many interested parties as is possible.

The first visits possible are this upcoming February half term so make sure to express your interest now and let them know that you want come!  They will let you know the exact dates available.   If this upcoming half term doesn’t work for you, still send them an email to express your interest so they know this is something you want to do, and they will look to provide this at a later date, and keep you in mind for future opportunities.  

The Offer

Here at Microsoft we believe it is incredibly important for us to engage young people in the various types of technology that are being advanced and created this very second. Currently, schools across the UK have and are offered the opportunity to visit Microsoft UK HQ but not many youth clubs. We want to change that. We want to reach as many young people and youth workers as possible across the UK,  bringing them into Microsoft offices to show them how embracing and using technology is not as difficult as they probably think and how to develop their skills and knowledge. To do this, we want to invite you to spend a day at a Microsoft office!

An 'Experience Day' at Microsoft UK HQ will consist of the following (depending on availability):

  • An introduction to new technology e.g. HoloLens, Surface Hub, Mixed Reality
  • A tech lesson
  • A tour around the facilities e.g. Xbox experience game room, The Connection
  • A free lunch
  • 'Day in the Life' experience where they get to meet some of the amazing people who work across Microsoft in various areas (technical, comms and engineering etc.) and ask any questions you can think of!
  • An inspirational talk followed by Q&A session
  • A goodie bag

A few logistical bits…

  • The ideal group size is 10-15 young people, ideally between the age of 11-19. There is flexibility with the age range i.e. if you have some young people outside that age bracket who are interested in technology\ maybe working in a technology sector  
  • Youth Workers must accompany young people
  • Again timings can be somewhat flexible, but likely 10am-3pm
  • Travel cost is covered by Microsoft. They will have a maximum travel budget, so there may have to be some feasibility checking.  You have been selected in this contact list as you are within no more than two hours travel distance of Reading.
  • Woman are under-represented in the technology sector and we are all working to change this. This means exposing young girls to the coolness of computer science! So please try and bring a mixed group of males and females on your visit.  

To take advantage of this exclusive Pro-Action Member's Only opportunity, please email Lucy directly on for further information.