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Good News From our CEO

Apr 01, 2019

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Good Morning

I am delighted to be able to let you know that Pro-Action will NOT BE CLOSING, we are HERE FOR YOU beyond June 2019!  

NOTE this is not an April Fools Prank! 

Council Meeting 26th March

Firstly, thank you for your support, particularly those who lobbied on our behalf. Letters to Teresa Heritage in her role as Chair of Children’s Services Panel for Herts County Council certainly shifted her response towards us. The final element that moved things for us was a motion put to the County Council meeting on 26th March by Paul Zukowskyj and Mark Watkin, (LibDem Councillors) which challenged the decision to cut funding of youth services and its impact on Pro-Action and the wider voluntary sector. In meetings with Teresa H, I did sense her concern for the smaller groups across the county and concern to ensure they are supported. The motion challenged the lack of linkage between statement and action in relation to provision of funding.

Thank you those who attended the meeting which was generally described as interesting to disturbing in the way business is conducted and the apparent lack of understanding or interest by many councilors. The result didn’t change, but Paul and Mark did succeed in getting awareness raised. During the debate the Labour members put forward a suggestion that the Council invite a range of youth and children’s services, including young people themselves to have a full discussion on the priorities in relation to young people. WE would support this idea and I will be contacting the Councillor who suggested it to see if this can be taken forwards.

Pro-Action – Alive and Kicking

On Thursday our Trustee Board met and agreed to use a major chunk of our reserves, plus accept the offer from a charitable trust of financial support in order to keep us moving forward. We still have a hill to climb as we work to increase our funding from a variety of sources, but we are committed to providing our services at the best value possible whilst working to ensure we remain viable. We are reviewing everything we do and how we do it to provide a very clear membership offer, and provide as much value as possible going forwards.

Normal Service

In line with my statement above we are continuing to offer our current services as normal, so please contact the team or use your own log in to book training, organise DBS’s, progress your Quality Mark, or just check something out with us. If unsure, just ask!

Awards Evening

We are planning our Awards Evening, along with the Photographic Competition for young people, so please check out who you can nominate for an Award, as we continue to raise the profile and celebrate work with children and young people.


We are always keen to receive your feedback as Members and I would encourage you to let us know if we either do well or ‘not so well’ as we want to provide the best. I would also like to hear of anything that you think we might be able to offer as we work to strengthen this important element of life in Hertfordshire.

Thank you for all you do to make a difference in people’s lives, and I look forward, along with the team to working with you over the coming years.          

With my best wishes

Dave Green

Chief Executive Officer