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Supporting the need for the children to take part in risk taking, but never recklessly….

Nov 01, 2017

Kim Martindale, Safeguarding Lead, Pro-Action

‘Having worked in a variety of projects for 22 years with children & families from 0-5, 5-25 years of age, for 23 years safeguarding was very much at the forefront of all I did.  As was supporting these groups to still enjoy and benefit from all the activities & events they took part in. I supported the need for the children to take part in risk taking, but never recklessly… (although with one or two of the older groups, we knew this took place once they had left the premises!).

We would sometimes have people say to us ‘you’re here to protect the children’. Yes, we were…  To help them to learn about themselves, to test their strengths and limitations and to develop their social skills… Yes our role did ensure that children were kept safe, whilst within our care and in their everyday life… so I have been in the same position as many of you, our members, working face-to-face with children and young people in your projects and settings, everyday.  Safeguarding Level 1 training prepares adults for working with young people and supporting them to stay safe and identify where there has been harm or risk of harm, in order to safeguard them further.

As an organisation we would ensure that the following processes would take place for staff/volunteers applying to work with us.

  • The initial interview
  • A personal interview
  • References
  • Enhanced DBS completion
  • Safeguarding Training
  • A confirmed probation period
  • Ongoing one to one meetings

The safeguarding training and these processes are fundamental and make for good practice in safer recruitment, which encapsulates safeguarding young children from an organisational point of view, which we aim for all our members to work towards at least.

At Pro-Action we make sure all our staff are up to date with their Safeguarding training and we ensure that the Safeguarding Training that we offer our members is current and effective.

For the year From April 2016 to March 2017, Pro-Action, through our trainers. trained 386 people on Level 1 & 66 on level 2 Safeguarding. 

It is important to keep up to date with your Safeguarding training as so much information is being collected and areas of safeguarding are changing constantly.  We advised refreshing Safeguarding Level 1 training on annual basis.  Safeguarding Level 2 must be completed every 2 years for the Designated Person.  As a past face-to-face worker I can’t stress how important this training is.’

We also offer other ways to support the Safeguarding in your project from Policies & procedures to advice and guidance. If unsure, do contact us on or 01707 276859.

Check our website for the dates our upcoming Level 1 & Level 2 Safeguarding courses (14th and 4th November prospectively).