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Threat of Closure

Feb 12, 2019

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Dear Member

It is with great difficulty I have to inform you that, due to a significant reduction in our Service Level Agreement with Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) from 1st April 2019, we are now facing the possibility of having to close our  charity.

Since Pro-Action’s birth in 2008, HCC has provided core funding which has enabled us to provide the services that Members have enjoyed over the years. During that time we have experienced a reduction in the grants available from HCC, including support for the Children & Youth Workforce Training, which ended about 3 years ago. Unfortunately very few funders support umbrella organisations like Pro-Acton, so our reliance on HCC support has been significant thus the impact of the loss is greater.

We are, from April, losing 66% of our funding from HCC, which represents one third of our total annual income. Having seen the reduction in spending by Councils at all levels we had taken steps to develop other funding streams. However, as many of you will know from experience this takes time to build, and with this massive reduction, the blow has come too soon, and without help we cannot fill the gap.

We have been trying to get HCC to review its decision and make the reduction over a longer period, which gives us a fighting chance of building our income. As yet they haven’t changed their decision. We are also working to identify other possible funding within HCC that supports our core offer of Quality, Safeguarding and Wellbeing.

Pro-Action has stood for high quality provision and opportunities for children and young people. For the creation of safe places for them, not just written in policies, but in practice on the ground. We believe in the power and value of local clubs, run by passionate people like you, for whom there is never enough support. We are proud to be associated with so many people who sacrifice time and energy to provide great opportunities for the young. In a recent survey of our Membership, half of respondents stated they didn’t know where they would find the services that Pro-Action provides if we weren’t here, certainly not in one place. This concerns us, which is why we believe we still have a unique role in the County and need to fight to keep providing the services we offer.

We ask that you stand with us to keep Pro-Action alive by doing the following:

  1. Renewing your membership for 3 months, until 30th June, which our trustees have identified as a point of probable closure (email Lucy to action this
  2. Write or email to Councilor Teresa Heritage, Deputy Leader of the County Council and holds the portfolio for Children, Young People and Families.  (Please use template below and notify us when sent)
  3. Support our social media campaign to raise awareness across the County and highlight the need for a Pro-Action organisation to support our sector. (Click here to follow us on Twitter)
  4. Promote our crowd funding page as, if we are unsuccessful with HCC we need to raise over £100,000 to sustain Pro-Action through the coming year. (Click here or link below)
  5. Send us your success stories or notes to showcase how Pro-Action has supported you in your work, so we can use them to develop our campaign for support. (Please email to

I hope that, with your support and those of our other Members and Partners, we may be able to continue working together in the future.  If you need any help with the actions above or have any questions or suggestions please contact me or one of the team.  I look forward to hearing from you.


With best wishes


Yours sincerely



David R Green Chief Executive Officer