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Membership Coordinator

Lucy is our membership coordinator and main contact for any enquiries. She believes that there is nothing more important today than to concentrate on our youth to teach them and provide moral guidance in bettering themselves physically and mentally. 

Lucy believes that our young people are our future and the most important thing in creating a better environment for generations to come.  By raising the education life skills, well-being and aspirations of young people through a variety of different channels should inspire and motivate them to do more bringing a sense of achievement and drive to push forward further in life.

Lucy was the key asset in developing and building an independent health & fitness centre for over 11 years managing all their membership and sales whilst also coaching gymnastics for over 8 years, she is known and highly regarded throughout Hertfordshire at many different centres and clubs. She has worked and helped at many youth centres and education support centres delivering physical education sessions.

Lucy has excellent connections with many different sports coaches and groups that can organise and deliver specific sessions aimed at our youth of today. She is keen to learn new things, she likes to take part in fitness activities throughout the year and regularly attends music events and productions.

To get in touch with Lucy, email or call 01707 276859.