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Quality Assurance Lead

Sue has a special focus on raising and maintaining standards of child and youth provision across the county.  This involves supporting members to choose and achieve a recognised quality assurance scheme relevant to their activities. 

Sue has been with Pro-Action since 2011 and enjoys working with members on their quality assurance journey.  She can offer support, advice and guidance on most things, from procedure templates to session planning and beyond.

Sue has over 20 years’ experience of working in the children and young people’s sector having worked in youth clubs, after school clubs, projects supporting children and adults with disabilities, as well as running and managing play projects.

Making sure that Hertfordshire offers a good range of high quality projects for children and young people is at the heart of what we do at Pro-Action, it is so important that we have identified grant funding to reward groups that commit to their development and achieve Ambition Quality at First Steps, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  If you think that Pro-Action can be of help to the work that you are doing, and you are interested in receiving a grant between £150 and £1000, please give us a call.  

To get in touch with Sue, email or call 07827 947 670.