Pro-Action supports their members to ensure that they are meeting the requirements set by  Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board (HSCB).

We will encourage and assist any organisation we engage with that is working with children and young people in Hertfordshire to ensure:

  • That each setting has at least 2 members of their team trained every 2 years in Level 2 Safeguarding, ensuring that knowledge is up to date and that a Designated Safeguarding Lead is always available
  • That all their staff and volunteers:
  1. Achieve Level 1 Safeguarding as a minimum standard
  2. Are checked with an enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)
  3. Are encouraged to sign up to the system
  4. Know who/where to go to for any issues/questions/concerns around safeguarding

We achieve this by providing:

  • High quality, accessible, affordable training that meets the HSCB requirements
  • Ensuring that the information and advice is up to date & accurate.
  • Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks for our members that are easily available
  • Training to enable member groups to complete DBS applications for their staff/volunteers
  • A choice of paper or online DBS facilities

Safeguarding encompasses Safer staffing and recruitment, Ongoing supervision, Disclosure & Barring services as well and Safeguarding training.   

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