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Upping our game...get online, get digital, get social

Jul 25, 2018

As Head of External Relations, I now oversee all things membership and communications.  It’s a rather broad remit and Dave says that most things at Pro-Action are communications based, so therefore fall on my to-do list…I don’t think that’s really fair, but honestly, everything we do probably does have a communications aspect.  We’re not alone though, and I think in everything our Members do, and indeed, all those working with children and young people do, communication is key.

Today though, I’d like to tell you about the ways we are upping our game in the world of communications and how this might be an additional benefit to you, our Members.

Do you know anyone that hasn’t got access to the Internet?  Do you know anyone that doesn’t have some form of social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat? Do you know someone that doesn’t have an email address? If you do, chances are they’re at either end of the age spectrum, or highly likely to have been living off the grid…which then begs the questions, who are they, why are they off the grid, what are the conspiracies…this could go on….and become a GDPR nightmare!

Anyhow, at Pro-Action we have developed a communications strategy, and this is heavily steeped in digital and social media, like the ones I’ve identified.  They are some of the most used platforms for communications in the world, and also some of the most cost effective. 

They are easily accessible by all, usually on people’s phones, and allows organisations like ours to talk about what we do, promote our Members and their excellent achievements and share good practice at the click of a button, at the cost of pennies, to a massive audience, who check their phones regularly, and see our updates, regularly.

We have been continuously improving our new-look website, since it’s relaunch last October and have been updating our Member database to allow functions that make everyone’s lives easier.  I know there have been some groans with this, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and one day we will all be the Emperors of our database *ahem*…

4 simple ways you can up your communications game through us include….

  • Logging into your profile (on said Roman database), and under your member details selecting YES to the following statement: ‘I would like these public details to be published on the ProAction website’.  Allowing you FREE & EASY advertisement of your club on our new Member MAP feature online.
  • Following us on Twitter & Instagram @ProActionHerts & Liking us on Facebook @ProActionHerts so we can reciprocate and RT, Share and Like your news with our followers and likers which are over 700 on each platform.  This will help raise your profile & your message.
  • Sending us your exciting news & jobs vacancies to so we can post these on our website, send out in our mailings and publish in our newsletter, more free promotion and advertising for you!
  • Logging into your profile now, reading the Membership Agreement pop-op and ticking to sign your agreement to the document.  Once we receive notification of this, you will receive your digital Membership Badge that can be displayed on all your literature, websites and images for your year of Membership with us, showcasing that you are a recognised quality provider of child or youth services in Herts *dust your shoulders off*

These are just the basics, that take moments, but will trigger more interest in your service, raise your profile and get your provision more exposure.

Remember, communication happens everywhere, all the time, and an easy way to up your communication game is to get online, get digital and be social (media)! *smh* (excuse the pun, had to get one in, it is a ‘blog’ after all…..)