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Suicide Prevention Organisations


Following the tragic loss of two young playing members through suicide at Welwyn Rugby Club, a few like-minded club members felt they had a social responsibility to offer support, guidance and a friendly ear in a time of need. And that steps should be taken to help destigmatise mental health amongst young men and women.

Mental illness is an often unspoken about issue and is sadly the biggest killer of young men in the UK aged 22 to 42. If you have a physical injury you report it to your coach and seek advice and go see the club physio, but with mental issues you soldier on and hope it goes away.

Helped by some other likeminded club members JOCA (Just One Click Away) was born.

What is JOCA?

JOCA is Welwyn Rugby Club's welfare committee dedicated to promoting and ensuring pastoral care and general well-being for all members of our club. Our club is a family and like all families we look after each other. We aim to nurture a culture within the club where we talk to each other, and support each other rather than bottle things up and allow them to get out of control or to cause it isn’t a weakness to need a friendly ear (even if you’re a bloke) We start this with our minis buddy system and promote this ethos right from 7 to 70 across the club.

Aims and objectives

  • To offer WRFC members, players and VP’s, support, guidance and a friendly ear
  • To destigmatise mental illness in young men and women of all ages
  • To get our young men and women to talk and be open with each other
  • To improve mental well-being and make it as important to physical fitness
  • To notice the signs and to offer support
  • To change the whole ethos of the rugby club from 7 years to 70 years as regards mental health support and general well-being

The Ollie Foundation

In 2016, three parents who had all lost their teenage sons to suicide, vowed to do all they could to prevent other families suffering similar tragedies. And so The OLLIE Foundation was born.

The OLLIE Foundation (One Life Lost is Enough) is a registered charity funding suicide intervention skills training for adults working with young people. This training enables professionals to identify warning signs and provide a pathway to help combat suicidal thoughts.

Click to read more about the foundation’s ASIST and safeTALK training.

Why OLLIE training courses are so vital

  • Suicide is the biggest killer of young people under the age of 35 in the UK
  • In 2014 a total of 1,556 young people took their own lives
  • On average, four young people end their own lives each day

The work of The OLLIE Foundation is about raising awareness of these terrifying statistics and creating a community of adults trained in vital suicide intervention skills.